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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

City Limits Landscapes specialises in decorative concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete.

We have transformed Perth’s homes for the past 20 years by creating the perfect look and finish using exposed aggregate concrete. Our decorative concrete designs and landscape finish will improve the appearance of any Perth outdoor living area, adding style and character.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate is a type of decorative concrete that exposes the aggregates used in cement. The exposed aggregate finish is created by removing the surface fines from the concrete resulting in the internal aggregates being exposed highlighting the natural elements in the stone.

The most common decorative aggregates are richly coloured natural stones such as basalts, granite, quartz, or limestone. The colour palette of an exposed aggregate surface is largely dependent on the sort of decorative stone that is used.

Exposed aggregate is ideal for Perth’s outdoor living areas as it is perfectly suited for Perth’s concrete driveways, pathways, footpaths, alfresco, patios and courtyards, swimming pool areas and surrounds.

What Is Polished Concrete?

Polished exposed concrete has become an increasingly popular choice in Perth homes. Polished concrete is concrete that has been polished to attain a glossy finish. To achieve this high-gloss look, the concrete is treated with a chemical densifier to fill any pores and blemishes, as well as remove stains, achieve a better shine and prepare a solid foundation for smoothing.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete has many benefits over traditional paving. It’s a practical and versatile product that can add visual appeal and value to your home.

Exposed aggregate concrete will remove the problem of unsightly weeds and irritating pest infestations. Plus, you will avoid movement and/or pavement sagging in your concrete driveway.


Benefits of Exposed Aggregate for Perth homes:
  • Strong and durable for indoor and outdoor living areas.
  • Practical and stylish decorative concrete finish.
  • Lots of decorative concrete colours, textures and aggregate options allowing for customisation.
  • Resistant to heavy traffic and extreme weather.
  • Slip resistance especially around swimming pool and pool surrounding areas.
  • Low maintenance and easy maintenance.
  • Popular Perth home replacement option for pavers to stop weeds growing and pest infestation.


Exposed Aggregate Steps
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate Foot Path
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate Pathway
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate
Sunken Fire Pit
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate Driveway
Exposed Aggregate Patio


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